This course is made up of 5 self-paced modules covering everything you need to know to feel confident with your own bookkeeping.






Plus, a BONUS Module!

Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Industry Disaster Loan Guidance

Working with me 1-on-1 to train you how to do your own books costs $2,500 But this only costs a fraction of that!

Gain access to all of the above for only $497!

It’s one thing to run a business, but it’s another to be educated and empowered on exactly what you need to know in order to run a highly successful business that is able to grow and scale.



• Save thousands in tax dollars • Read and gain clarity around your financial statements • Increase your profit margin • Apply for a loan, if needed

The best part about all of this? There’s absolutely NO accounting background required!

Everything you need to become a successful bookkeeper for your own business will be covered right inside of this course.

I’ve strategically compiled all the information needed to answer all of your important financial questions and bookkeeping questions into this course. I want to make sure you’re getting the most help for your small business and have all the resources you need to have a thriving business financially.


Why am I the right person to teach you?

I’m Rebecca, and before I started my own business, I worked as an accountant for several major companies. I quickly realized my passion was not sitting in a corner office helping big corporations sort through their financials. For this reason, I launched my full service accounting firm which now helps hundreds of small businesses all throughout the United States.  

Not only do I help small businesses save thousands of dollars by implementing the best accounting strategies that fit their business model, I also educate small business owners on how to manage and strategically get their books organized. Small business owners save thousands of dollars each year once they are finished with our crash course. We want you to focus on your business. Bookkeeping should not be terrifying. This course will help you save time and most importantly focus your energy in your business. 

Taking control of your finances no longer has to feel intimidating. These step by step modules will teach you everything you need to know to have a sustainable business that’s ready to withstand everything and anything.

It’s time to drop the financial struggle and take control of your finances with ease.

Starting your own small business can be hard, there are a lot of unanswered questions that leave you endlessly searching on Google for something that feels relevant to your business model. While Google can be great for tips on how to post on social media and grow your following, it’s not so great for learning how to do your bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping can often feel complex and overwhelming which is why it’s so important to have expert guidance while learning how to track your books instead of trying to DIY it.

I know as a business owner, you have a lot of unanswered questions surrounding your finances. Tell me if you’ve had these questions pop up before in your business…


How do I pay myself?


• What percentage do I need to put aside for taxes?


• Am I eligible for a loan?


• Which reports should I be running and how often?



I’m sure you found yourself nodding to each bullet point because these are extremely common questions I hear from my clients every day.

Many business owners didn’t go to business school and are learning as they go, which is an amazing feat but it’s important to be educated around your business finances. This is why learning how to keep your own books will help you feel empowered to make financial decisions in your business with ease.

You need to know how to move through all the highs and lows that come with owning a business in a fragile economy which is exactly why I created this self-paced course for business owners.

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